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Kingswood Herd Management Software.
For all herd types: Dairy, Suckler, Beef, plus Milking Parlour link-ups and Ration Calculators. 
kingswood herd management software dairy beef suckler

kingswood herd management software dairy cows

kingswood herd management beef cattle

Operating Kingswood Herd PC Software is straight forward. The system features an intuitive interface with large clearly labelled buttons and icons, coupled with simple menu and navigation system. In fact it is simpler to use than most manual books, spreadsheets or any other farm software system currently available. APHIS Online Integration makes registration of births and deaths, movements on and off and herd list reconciliation a simple, time saving process!

The Kingswood Herd Management Software is a modular program.  This means you can specify the parts of the program which you require for your particular enterprise (dairy, suckler, beef) or even add on modules at at later date.  The Modules available are briefly described below:


Dessie Rutherford
Dairy Farmer

Kingswood Herd Software dairy cows
"I find the full integration between Kingswood Herd software and APHIS Online for registering births and deaths very handy. After entering some births to my Kingswood Herd program, which completes my own Kingswood Herd book for me, I only have to click one button to send all the calves' information straight to APHIS Online. I also send my activities list for milk recording straight to United, so the one entry in Kingswood has done the lot! In fact, using my Palm PDA, I don't even have to type the details into the computer - they transfer straight in from the PDA." 

Jim Morrow
Dairy Farmer
kingswood herd software dairy cows ration feed to yield
"I was astonished that in the first month of using the ration calculator we saved ten tonnes of feed. Having used it for only a year, the savings in feed costs have already paid for the feeders and the program."

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Herd Software Proven Benefits
  • Improve fertility and profits in both Suckler and Dairy herds
  • Improve your quality of life by cutting down on paperwork
  • Cut down on administrative errors and problems with the Department of Agriculture (and possible financial penalties) through the direct APHIS Online links (Northern Ireland)
  • Improve milk price, quality and margins in the Dairy Herd through the detailed analysis of milk records in the program
  • Improve calf prices, grades and farm profit in the Suckler Herd through the detailed sire and dam performance analysis reports
  • Improve and simplify record keeping with new mobile phone technology - record health treatments, weights, calving details, heats, services on mobile phone and send directly to the Kingswood software.
Herd Software Actual Features

  • The Bovine Herd Register is accepted as a legal alternative to a written Herd Book
  • APHIS Online Integration for birth, death and still born registration
  • Reconcile with APHIS Online to identify discrepancies between data on the farm herd register and data on APHIS
  • Management reports for purchase and sales prices and associated animal margins
  • Records of Veterinary purchases, treatments and Feed purchases for quality assurance purposes
  • Milk Recording - Download Milk Recording data. View Best Cows In Herd, Herd Brochure summarising ancestry and milk yields for breeding animals. View milk recording details for each animal, showing yields, protein and butterfat percentages.
  • Pedigree Registration of calves - HFS Registration

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