ADT Software – Free Download

This software is provided free with all Agrident readers provided by TGM Software Solutions Ltd, either purchased directly from TGM, or purchased from one of the companies who work with and source the readers from TGM.

This software for windows allows the user to

  • download lists of tag groups, save, print and/or email these lists
  • download recorded sheep management data births, deaths, weights … to a windows PC. The data may be sorted, filtered and saved on the computer. Users may also copy and paste the downloaded data into their own spreadsheet
  • transfer a database file back to the reader (APR600 and AWR300) so that the user can browse through individual animal data on the reader
  • set alerts on animals for easy sorting and drafting
  • load 17 selection lists to the readers (Alerts, Batch Groups, Breeds, Customers, Death reasons ….) for fast data entry when recording management events on the reader
  • compare 2 lists of tags and report discrepancies, for example, if all sheep are scanned before going to grazing and all sheep scanned when they come back, ADT will allow the user to compare these files to show animals lost or gained

The software is available to purchase on subscription for users who purchased their reader from a non TGM source.

ADT Download
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