Select Sheepware

Our specialist flock management software, Select Sheepware, is used for all flock sizes and all flock types: commercial, pedigree, wool producing and dairy sheep.

Using Select Sheepware, farmers record information about individual sheep within their flock. Using out Sheep Management software, the data can be analysed using the customised reports so informed decisions to improve performance and efficiencies can be made.

The majority of users of Select Sheepware sheep recording software do their recording directly on an EID tag reader.  We supply the Agrident range of readers. There are four readers available in the Agrident range including  the AWR250, AWR300, APR 250 and APR600. TGM aims to match the most appropriate EID tag reader to the needs of the farm.

Larger farmers will often purchase both a handheld eid reader or stick eid reader for day to day recording, and a panel reader to attach to the side of a weigh crate for high throughput when weighing sheep.

Users typically use the software to:

  • Identify the best performing and underperforming ewes and rams
  • Provide weight gain reports, to identify underperforming lambs
  • Enable selection of replacement lambs from the top performing ewes.
  • Provide feed and health quality assurance records
  • Provide and analyse pedigree records including genotype records.
  • Comply with legislation with the flock register

For larger farms with autodrafting equipment, the software can create a database file to upload to the drafting equipment, to enable easy setup of drafting parameters on the equipment.

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