February Newsletter 2024

Posted: 20 March 2024

February 2024

Welcome to the February edition of our newsletter.  Please get in touch with us by email info@tgmsoftware.com or call us on +44 (0) 28 9268 9681 to discuss any aspect in more detail.

EID Readers in Action 

Meet Simon Brown
Simon farms in Co. Kilkenny, Ireland where he has a commercial flock and a flock of over 160 pedigree ewes made up of three different breeds; namely Charollais, Texel and Shropshire sheep.  Simon is a member of Sheep Ireland and has been recording with them since the scheme began, so there are a lot of records to keep and information to gather.

An Agrident 250 reader is used on the farm.  Often this is used as an input device for the Sheep Ireland app.  The reader connects to Simon’s phone via Bluetooth.  However, for some events such as weighing, selling and pregnancy scanning, Simon finds it is so much faster and less error prone to record directly into his Agrident reader. When the reader reads the tag, there are no mistakes and it reads it instantly. The Agrident readers allow users to record the complete management cycle for sheep from births through to deaths and everything in between.  Agrident readers supplied by TGM come prepopulated with the sheep recording software and a free windows program ‘AgriDataTransfer’ downloads all recorded data from reader to PC.
AgriDataTransfer creates a file for Sheep Ireland which includes the 3 event types, weighing, selling and pregnancy scanning. Speed and accuracy are the issue for these events and direct input into the reader is faster than working on a phone, especially on a wet miserable day.  With all the weighing data needed Simon found it so much quicker to run the sheep through the scales using the reader connected to the scales and sending the file to Sheep Ireland to be uploaded.
Simon also uses AgriDataTransfer to set alerts on sheep that he wants to draft out, for example setting an alert for ewes to be culled, ewe lambs to be kept and certain requirements for customers looking for rams. Simon finds that using the phone is great for recording lambing details as the ewes are in a pen and easy to read, while using the reader is better for recording bigger numbers when weighing, selling, pregnancy scanning and finding sheep with the alert setting.


Reporting on medicine use for organic sheep flocks.
The latest update for Select Sheepware has had changes made to meet the recording requirements for organic flocks.
In the medicine setup area, there are input boxes now for organic withdrawal date for medicines.  There’s a new input box for ‘Active Ingredient’.  To make it easier when adding in a new medicine, or updating an existing medicine, there are now 3 lookup options for direct internet connection to lookup up medicine details. 1. The first link is to apha.ie, the Animal and Plant Health Association  The second link is to the DEFRA Veterinary Medicines Directorate Product Information Database.  The third link is to the UK compendium of animal health products.
The organic medicine report (ROI) is quite different to the standard medicine report.  You have to include the individual animal tag numbers for each treatment, the active ingredient used, the Date the animal regains its organic status and more.