Agrident AWR300 Stick Reader

A Long lasting battery – Up to 30 hours or 12 hours in permanent read mode

A Bluetooth handheld EID reader for both sheep and cattle.

The reader is ideal:

It has the longest battery life of all the Agrident readers, 12 plus hours’ nonstop reading. It is particularly suitable where exceptional battery life is required, for example markets and slaughter premises.

The higher capacity battery adds 5 to 7.5cm to the read range compared to the other Agrident readers. The extra read range is particularly useful for sheep and goat weighing where the operator may wish to attach the reader to the outside of a weigh crate for automatic reading and saving of animal weights, retrieved via Bluetooth from a Bluetooth connected scale.

All readers have the same management recording capabilities. However this reader has internal database memory. Therefore they have the capability of displaying animal information on the screen of the reader anywhere on the farm. The database has the ability to show not only current information on the animals, but details of animal history. The database allows the reader to provide visible and audible alerts on animals. Animals can be drafted easily using the alerts on the reader.

It is the only reader of the range with a bright flashing light at the end. 3 different colours are used. Blue indicates reading, green indicates a successful read and red indicates a repeat read.

You can quickly read and print lists of tags via a Bluetooth portable printer on the go with no computer involved!

WIFI option for connection to equipment using WIFI connection mode.

It is compatible with various models of Bluetooth enabled weigh scales, portable printers, apple and android mobiles and other Bluetooth devices.