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Agrident AWR300 reader in action

Ritchie Combi Clamp linked to Agrident AWR300

Adding animals using an Agrident Reader

Recording a birth on an Agrident Reader

Adding animals directly to Select Sheepware, Part 1

Adding animals directly to Select Sheepware, Part 2

Cloud backup setup

Selecting top / bottom percentage of sheep in a performance report

Creating SIGNET and Sheep Ireland export files

Entering Purchases and Sales Invoices

Extension Wand with Quick Release Bracket for Agrident APR600

Agrident EID Stick Comparison- AWR300 VS AWR250

Set Active Group Function in Agrident Readers

Agrident EID Handheld Comparison- APR600 VS APR250

Managing Embryo Transfer Records in Select Sheepware

Kingswood Field App

Automatic Selection of Top and Bottom Percentage in Performance Reports

Selecting Multiple Rows in Select Sheepware for Setting Alerts or Group Updates

Customer Using an Agrident Reader at Lambing Time

Efficiency Report in Select Sheepware

Entering Payments for Purchases & Receipts for Sales

Other Entries, Petty Cash & Checking for Mistakes

Bank Reconciliation & Car Fuel VAT

Backup/Restore & Helpful Hints

Year End Procedure & Sending Data To Accountant

More Helpful Hints & Tips

Recording a Birth Using an Agrident Reader

Working With Service/Tupping Groups in Select Sheepware

Milk Recording for Sheep and Goats Using Select Sheepware

Online Cloud Backup

A 5 Way Autodrafter in Use

Adding Animals Using an Agrident Reader

Kingswood Mobile App

Importing Data to Select Sheepware From a CSV File

Using the Kingswood Ration Calculator

Using Select SheepWare with Signet and Sheep Ireland Files

Sheep School: Breeding Tips