January 2024

Posted: 15 February 2024

Lambing Season is approaching fast. For some it has already started.  Apart from getting everything else in shape, now is the time to check that your recording software is in order for the new season. For users working with the free AgriDataTransfer (ADT) software, now is a good time to consider upgrading to Select Sheepware.  ADT does not build up a life history for animals, so when this year’s lambing record is entered for an animal, last year’s record is overwritten. The simple database in ADT gives a record of every animal’s current lamb crop, but you can’t double click on an animal to view its history.  TGM can convert the ADT data and import it into Select Sheepware. Please contact us if you would like to upgrade from ADT to Select Sheepware.
For Select Sheepware users, it’s useful at this time of year to bring your sheep inventory into line.  The software has a Status column and a Status Days column.  If you have recorded all tuppings, then sheep currently on the farm will have a status ‘tupped’ and status days will be less than 100.  Apply a filter to filter all animals with status days < 100 and status = tupped.  Click to select (tick) these animals.  Select (tick) rams used also and any other animals retained which were not tupped.  Once they’re selected (ticked) there is a reconciliation option which will mark all the selected animals as in the flock and all other animals will be marked as not in the flock.  This leaves you with an accurate inventory of animals. Please contact TGM if you require assistance with this.

For Sheep Ireland users, if you have not been keeping your Sheep Ireland inventory up to date and haven’t removed sold / dead animals from Sheep Ireland, you can create a file in Select Sheepware which you can send by email to Sheep Ireland.  They will import the sales details and that will remove the sold sheep from the inventory.

Embryo transfers: if you are working with embryo transfers and using Select Sheepware, please contact TGM if you’re not sure how to manage the embryo records. Select Sheepware supports embryo transfer recording.  A lamb born from an implanted embryo will have both the genetic dam and surrogate dam showing in its record card. The donor animal has a section in its record card showing all offspring. So a single ewe could have many offspring in the one year if her embryos were used in surrogate ewes.
Finally, it’s important to always have the most up to date software installed at the beginning of the season. If you haven’t downloaded an update recently, or if you’ve got behind with your annual support payments, please contact us so you can get the most up to date software installed ready for lambing.