Which Reader is Right For Me

TGM supplies EID readers by Agrident, animal identification specialists. You can choose between stick, pocket or panel readers.

Stick and pocket readers are portable, with stick readers giving a longer reach.  Panel readers are fixed – typically to weigh scales and allow faster throughput of animals.

With the AWR300 and APR450 readers you can look up animal data on the reader  e.g. Last Birth, Sire, Dam, Last Medicines, Last Weights etc. The battery life on these models is excellent – 12 hours non- stop in permanent read mode. You can set alerts both in the PC software and directly on the reader for these 2 models.

The AWR300 has the highest rated battery of the 4 readers which results in the best read range.  It is common for users with an AWR300 stick reader to attach the stick to the outside of a weigh crate and to use in automatic recording mode when weighing lambs. Read range of the AWR300 is up to 25 cm, 10 inches.

The more cost effective AWR 250 and APR 250 models don’t have the internal database. Although you can’t look up management data, you can set alerts on the PC software and these lower specification readers will  display alerts for animals.

The APR450 handheld reader has an optional extension wand available. This attaches to the reader with a quick release connector for one handed use, allowing the user to have a small pocket reader when required and a long stick reader at other times. It is a simple twist connector allowing the reader to be attached / detached as required.

For users who do not have and who not intend to get a Bluetooth enabled weigh scale, the APR450 is the only one of the 4 readers which has a numeric keypad, which allows easy manual entry of animal weights.

A panel EID reading kit is available for users who want to attach a panel reader to the side of a weigh crate.  Read range of a panel reader is typically from 45 to 60 cm.  Using a panel reader allows very fast and efficient weighing to be done.  We would suggest that users with 1000 + animals to be weighed consider a panel reader for the weigh crate as well as a handheld or stick for recording management events.

All readers:

  • Record tags at high speed into groups
  • Link to Bluetooth devices such as printers and weigh scales
  • Record a full range of  management tasks for sheep – Add/Re-Tag/Move, Birth/Abort, Alert/Comment, Fostering, Groups, Medicine, Milk Recording, Tupping/Pregnancy Scan, Weight/Muscle
  • Are compatible with our free AgriData Transfer software and Select Sheepware flock management software.