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Kingswood Accounts Software.
The Accounts program designed for farmers.

Making Tax Digital
Is your turnover over £85,000?

VAT-registered businesses with a taxable turnover above the VAT threshold are required to use the Making Tax Digital service to keep records digitally and use software to submit their VAT returns from 1 April 2019.

Submitting VAT returns using HMRC’s own VAT online services will no longer be possible.
making tax digital hmrc VAT sage xero quickbooks northern ireland  Kingswood Accounts software is now on the list of HMRC approved software for the new regulations coming in 2019.

TGM can provide a book-keeping service, for customers who don't want to do their own book keeping. Clients simply use their phone or PC scanner to take a copy of invoices and statements. These are sent automatically to TGM, and our system takes care of the rest. Contact us if you think you would like to avail of this new service.
making tax digital hmrc VAT Kingswood xero sage quickbooks northern ireland

Click here to see a number of training videos for various tasks in the accounts software

kingswood farm accounts software program
The Kingswood Farm Accounts package is designed with ease of use in mind. Simple data entry screens allow you to do your book keeping quickly and accurately.
Your accountant now has the choice of taking this years transactions via automatic cloud transfer or on disk or paper.
  Customer Case Study
kingswood farm accounts
FarmGate Consultant Jason McMinn & Farmer Graham Kernohan 
Jason McMinn runs FarmGate Consultancy Ltd, Northern Ireland’s largest dairy consultancy business, providing bookkeeping services and advice to over 7% of the milk pool in Northern Ireland. Jason said “We use the Kingswood Accounts programme, it is vital to our business. With the Accounts programme we can complete VAT Returns, Year End returns for accountants and most importantly for us, we can monitor ongoing performance on our clients’ dairy businesses. Today’s dairy farmer is operating in a very volatile environment and it is very important to know your costs and be up to date with your figures. Using the rolling average feature on the Accounts programme allows us to constantly monitor production costs, and not just at year end. Increasingly today we are also finding that accountants are asking for information prior to year end, so that they can estimate a farmer’s profit and advise accordingly before the year end has passed. Too often there is investment undertaken which is not tax efficient, and the reason is that people didn’t know where they stood with the taxman. Having management information can save you a lot of money in this situation. We would recommend the Kingswood Accounts programme to anyone. However you must commit to using it. The more time you put into it, the more benefit you will get out of it.”
Jason can be contacted by phone on + 44 (0)7800751950 or email

  • Improve your quality of life with less time spent on paperwork, completing VAT returns and filling in cheque journal and other books for your accountant.

  • Improve Enterprise performance and margins by making better management decisions based on accurate financial and management reports

  • You may be able to reduce end of year accountant costs by presenting your accountant with detailed and accurate audit reports.

 Please take time to review some of the screen shots of the Kingswood Accounts Program, click here

  • Cash Flow Reports / Profit and Loss
  • Farm balance sheet

  • Import transactions from your Bank Statement

  • Powerful help facility

  • Easy to use Bank Reconciliation Features

  • Single Screen Entry for Bank Payments, Enterprise Allocation and VAT

  • Simple, Straight-forward Transaction Amendment for Error Correction, keeping your Book-keeping simple and accurate

  • Comprehensive Auditing Facilities - Trial balance, Nominal Ledger Audit Trail, Bank Audit Trail and Receipts and Payments Listing

  • Easy to use Enterprise option to provide gross margin reporting down to enterprise unit level, for example, income per litre / animal, margin per litre / animal / Ha etc.

A short video presentation of Kingswood Accounts Ledger Version

Kingswood Accounts Bank Statement Import Feature (Update)




The Software also allows the user to purchase extra components in addition to the standard package. The following options are available:-

Farm Management Accounts - allows the pin-pointing of profitable (or loss making) areas

Compares Enterprise Income, Expenditure & Profitability
Costings per Enterprise Unit, e.g. Cost Per Litre, cost per herd etc.
Records Livestock Purchases, Sales, Births and Deaths
Comprehensive Budgeting Facilities

Farm VAT Analysis - complete your VAT in minutes

Analyses VAT from Net or Gross Amounts
Default VAT Codes speed Transaction Entry
Simple VAT Reports
VAT Audit Trail Facility for VAT Inspections etc.

Farm Sales and Purchases Ledgers - Keeps you Up-To-Date on your Debtors and Creditors

Tracks Customer and Supplier Balances and Turnover
Generates Customer and Supplier Ledger Cards

Farm Contractor Job card / Invoicer

Allows contractors to maintain job cards and Proforma Invoices for their customers.
These can be added to / changed / printed off as an invoice when required.

  kingswood farm software accountsCase Study

The Crawford family farms outside Beragh, County Tyrone. With a dairy herd of 250 they use the Kingswood Accounts and Kingswood Herd Programs. Having used another accounting package Mavis started to use the Kingswood Accounts Package in 2010. She said “Right from the start I found the Kingswood Accounts program straightforward to use. One benefit of using an accounting package is that our accounts are up-to-date all of the time. Invoices are entered as soon as they are received and cheques entered as soon as they are written. This means we can get answers to any queries instantly and it allows us to keep a close eye on finances which is increasingly important. It also means VAT returns and preparation for end of year accounts is straightforward. The support that comes with the Kingswood packages is very reassuring, if we have any problems or queries these are quickly answered by TGM over the phone or they can login remotely to solve issues. However, the real benefit is in the level of reporting available for analysing financial performance. Kingswood Accounts provides reports on unit costs income per litre, cost per litre, meal costs per litre, overheads per litre, production cost per litre for example. These reports allow management decisions to be made so we can take proactive action to improve profits.”

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