Which agrident eid reader is best for me?

Posted: 4 February 2022

It can be difficult to decide which reader to choose, when there are 4 models. It’s easier to make that decision when you see the readers, hold them in your hand and actually use them to read some tags.  For example, only one of the readers, the APR600, has a numeric keypad.  This is often used when a user does not have a Bluetooth weigh scale. It is quick and easy to manually enter weights. Our unique quick release fitting to enable an extension stick to be clipped on to the APR600 handheld will be on display. This is not an off the shelf Agrident product. It has been designed and manufactured by TGM and enables users to have a pocket reader when required, for example at lambing time, and a stick reader at other times, for example when loading animals to a trailer for sale.