Agrident APR450 Pocket Reader

Handheld version of the AWR300 stick reader with a full number pad for faster data entry

A Bluetooth handheld EID reader for both sheep and cattle.

This reader is ideal for users who wish to look up animal data on the screen of the reader anywhere on the farm. It fits easily in a pocket and is the only reader to contain a numeric keypad. Therefore it is the best reader to enter weights manually if you do not have a Bluetooth weigh scale.

It is supplied with the necessary connector for easy connection to the optional AEA675 extension stick. The extension stick enables the user to have the best of both worlds, a pocket reader e.g. during lambing and a stick when required e.g. to provide extra reach when loading animals for a sale.

The APR450 is also the only one of the 4 readers to come with a free carry case.

Quickly read and print lists of tags via a Bluetooth portable printer on the go with no computer involved!

All readers have the same management recording capabilities. However this reader has internal database memory. Therefore they have the capability of displaying animal information on the screen of the reader anywhere on the farm. The database has the ability to show not only current information on the animals, but details of animal history. The database allows the reader to provide visible and audible alerts on animals. The alerts on the reader can be used for easy drafting of animals.

It is compatible with various models of Bluetooth enabled weigh scales, portable printers, apple and android mobiles and other Bluetooth devices.