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Select Sheepware Flock Management Program

Select Sheepware, for all sheep flock types: Commercial, Pedigree, Wool producing flocks and Dairy sheep.
sheep software select sheepware management recording commercial pedigree milk eid readers 
Compatible with various models of handheld EID
equipment from Agrident (handheld and wand/stick formats)
and Workabout Pro devices, enabling the user
to record management information on the go,
which is easily transferred to the Select Sheepware
program on your computer.

AWR300         APR600         WorkAbout Pro         APR250         AWR250
  • Record card kept for each animal

  • Flock register of animal movements

  • Lamb records of weights, sales prices etc

  • Ewe and Sire performance

  • Feed and health quality assurance records

  • Pedigree records including genotype records

  • User definable and customisable reporting

  • Compliant with the main manufacturers of Electronic ID equipment

  • and more....just download the Sheep
    Software Demo to see!!

30 day free trial
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  • Cuts back on the chore of excessive paperwork

  • Releases precious time for actual farming

  • Identifies best performing ewes & sires, producing greater profits

  • Follows planned breeding programs for genotyping to improve scrapie resistance and pedigree stock value

  • Enables up-to-date pedigree records to be maintained

  • Contributes to improved flock performance and profitability

  • and more......just download the Sheep Software Demo to see!!

Customer Testimonials
The Bell Family
Co Antrim
Peadar Kearney
Co Louth
Barrie & Yvonne Payne
South Canterbury, New Zealand
Gordon & Yvonne Johnston
Co Westmeath
"We find the weighing information particularly useful and regularly weigh the lambs, monitoring weight gain intensively and making finishing decisions accordingly. We use the weights recorded for a range of reasons including finishing, analysing ram and ewe performance and making replacement decisions." 
"As a result of having used Select Sheepware and a Psion reader with a Trutest weigh system for this year, significant breeding decisions have been made which should improve flock performance and profitability. There is no doubt in my mind that the investment in this technology has been well worth it and I expect it to pay for itself through improved profitability in my flock." 
"I had looked for many years for a system that would work for me. Because of the numbers shorn each day we needed a system that was accurate and simple to operate. We now have a system that has made our shearing operation very efficient, with electronic reading itís no longer possible to write down the wrong number removing opportunities for error." 

"Iíve been impressed with the how well Select Sheepware has met our needs. It has allowed us to identify the best performing ewes to decide on replacements for the flock and make sound culling decisions. It really has helped us to improve efficiencies and the program is always evolving with useful features being added regularly." 
More case studies of our customers around the world

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