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Agrident AWR300 non S3

787 excluding VAT of 20%

We have 2 models of the AWR300 in stock.  the non S3 model has an earlier Bluetooth chip which does not allow it to retrieve weights from a trutest S3 weigh scale. All other functions are identical to the standard AWR300.  We’re selling off our stock of this reader at a special price £129 below the standard AWR300 price.  If you don’t need a reader to connect to an S3 scale this reader is exceptionally good value for money. The spec below is identical to the standard AWR300.

A Bluetooth handheld EID reader for sheep and cattle. This reader is the stick version of the APR600 handheld reader. The AWR300 has the longest battery life of the Agrident range and is particularly suitable where exceptional battery life is required, for example markets and slaughter premises. The higher capacity battery adds a few inches of read range to this reader compared to the others. The extra read range is particularly useful for sheep and goat weighing where the operator may wish to attach the reader to the outside of a weigh crate for automatic reading and saving of animal weights, retrieved via Bluetooth from a Bluetooth connected scale.

It is the only reader of the range with a bright flashing light at the end. There are 3 different colours displayed. Blue to indicate reading, green to indicate a successful read and red to indicate a repeat read.

All readers have the same management recording capabilities. However this reader has internal database memory. Therefore they have the capability of displaying animal information on the screen of the reader.

The reader comes preloaded with sheep recording software. This will link to either the AgriDataTransfer windows software, which is provided free of charge, or the more comprehensive Select Sheepware package for windows which is priced according to flock size.

It is compatible with various models of Bluetooth enabled weigh scales, printers and other devices.