June Newsletter 2023

Posted: 22 June 2023

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Weighing Season is in Full Swing! 

Weighing season is now in full swing. Weighing lambs is critical to evaluate ewe and ram performance in the flock. Select Sheepware calculates both 56 day and 90 day weights for lambs. These are linked back to the ewes and rams.  The Agrident EID readers link directly to a range of Bluetooth weigh scales for fast recording of weights.  When the reader data is downloaded to Select Sheepware, the weights transfer from reader to computer.  For users who don’t have a Bluetooth weigh scale, the APR450 and APR600 are the two models of reader which have a number keypad to allow weights to be manually entered. The parameters for both 56 day and 90 day weights can be changed. They’re set by default so that weights from 40 to 69 days are calculated to 56 day values and weights from 70 to 140 days are calculated to 90 days.

When all lambs have been weighed at the 90 day stage, Select Sheepware will allow you to produce the ewe performance report. This report gives you the total 56 day and total 90 days weights for every ewe.  The software can produce the 56 day and 90 day total weight of lamb averaged over a number of years, up to a maximum of 6 years.
Once the ewes are shown in the report, you click on the column heading 56 day total or 90 day total to sort so that the most productive ewes are at the top and the least productive ewes are at the end.  You can let the software select the top x% or bottom x% of the ewes.  Once selected, alerts can be set on both the best and worst performers.
For selection of replacement females for next year, Select Sheepware allows to you to select all female lambs born this year from the above selection of ewes with the highest performance. This becomes the selection pool for selection of next year replacements.

Please contact TGM if you need help analysing, filtering and sorting your sheep according to performance E info@tgmsoftware.com or Tel: +44 (0) 28 9268 9681.

Show Season! We are at NSA Sheep Northern Ireland on 4th July.  A packed programme is planned, for event details click here.