February Newsletter 2023

Posted: 22 February 2023

Zoe and Ian Graham are arable farmers and also run a sheep flock and a goat herd in Somerset, England. They use an Agrident APR600 with the clip on extension stick along with Select Sheepware.
The software keeps both sets of data separate and they use the specialist goat flock settings so the goat terminology shows eg ids, goatlings etc.  The sheep flock shows sheep terminology eg lambs, hoggets, ewes etc.  The software separates data recorded on the reader for both flocks at the point of downloading to the computer.  Ian said “we are very pleased with the whole system, the extension stick is easy to clip on and off, so I have a pocket reader which is handy to carry and the option of long reach when the extension stick is attached.”  Like many farmers, they use a manual weigh crate and the APR600 allows them to enter the weights shown on the analogue scale using the numeric keypad on the reader.
Read more about their farm here.


Psion Workabout Pro – Trade In Scheme

If you are interested in moving from using your Psion Workabout Pro to an Agrident reader let us know. If you trade your Workabout in with us you will get £50 off a new Agrident reader.  To find out more e mail info@tgmsoftware.com or phone us on  028 9268 9681.

Windows Mobile and CE is no longer supported by Microsoft. Read more here.