Philip Tinsley

Dromore, Co. Down

Summerhilltop Holsteins Pedigree Herd

Milking 260 dairy cows

Philip has been using the Kingswood Herd program on his farm for over 18 years. Philip says “My Kingswood Herd program talks to all other management systems on my farm including heat detection, Aphis, milk recording, Holstein Friesian Society and feed ration calculator. This saves me a lot of time and​ the unnecessary duplication of data entry. The feed ration calculator provided by Kingswood, that feeds to yield, works extremely well. The system has allowed me to do away with paper records and I now have everything I need at hand at all times as Kingswood is linked to the cloud and my phone. No system is perfect – but for us Kingswood ticks all the boxes. It is simple to use, has everything I need for my herd and the support service is excellent. TGM’s service is fantastic, they can resolve any problem by linking into our system remotely and the attention to detail is great. They work on anything that needs updated, amended or corrected until it is resolved, and couldn’t be more helpful.