This software is provided free of charge with every Agrident reader provided by TGM Software Solutions Ltd, or from any resellers who source their Agrident readers from TGM.

It is available for purchase on our web shop for users who purchased their reader from a different source.

This software for windows allows the user to record a full range of sheep and goat recording tasks, including births, deaths, weighing, tupping, medicine treatments and much more.  The recorded data transfers from the reader to a windows computer via USB cable. This data is then displayed in spreadsheet type grids where the user can view, filter and sort the reports and set animal alerts on filtered animals.  The Alerts transfer back to Agrident readers for easy drafting of animals.

AgriDataTransfer does not calculate 56 day or 90 days weights and does not maintain a history for animals. For full performance recording including averaging performance of animals based on 56 day and 90 days lamb weights over a number of years, Select Sheepware is the software to choose.  TGM can upgrade data recorded using AgriDataTransfer to Select Sheepware.

Users typically use the software to:

AgriDataTransfer is often used by those users who want simple basic recording and for user wanting to try out the recording functions of the readers. It includes full medicine recording a d produces medicine treatments reports as required for quality assurance purposes.

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