Kingswood Herd Mobile App

The App is compatible with a range of Bluetooth EID Readers and with our holder bracket you can use the two devices with one hand.

You can download the Kingswood herd app onto your Apple or Android smart phone. Additionally you can log into the Kingswood herd mobile app platform on the internet using a range of devices such as; Smartphone, Windows computers and tablets, Macbook, iPad etc.


The Kingswood Herd App costs £1.00 + VAT per animal per year, with a minimum price currently of £99 and a maximum of £250 per year. There is a one off fee of £50.00 for initial training and help. Including help to download your herd from APHIS Online.

The Kingswood Herd App caters for all herd types – dairy, suckler and beef.  Specific functions have been developed to suit each of these herd types, for example the ability to automatically pick up weights and prices for purchased beef animals bought in a large number of markets in both Northern and Southern Ireland.

Links to other equipment, such as heat detection systems for dairy, EID readers where animals are EID tagged etc, are available for the Herd App.

For dairy systems, where milking parlour software, feeding software and heat detection software systems are running as windows programs, the traditional Kingswood Herd for PC software is still available.  This links to both the Kingswood Herd mobile app and to various third party parlour and heat detection systems.

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