Kingswood Fields Mobile App

Kingswood Fields is an App which runs on phone, tablet or PC. It focuses on compliancy records and key aspects of grass management.

Kingswood Fields is a phone/tablet-based App, which allows you to record spraying, fertiliser and harvest events as they happen. The app includes:

  • Fertilizer, Slurry and Spray recording for individual fields
  • Grass Measurement recording for use in the field
  • Sowing and Harvesting recording
  • Calculate kg/Ha (fertilizer), litres/ha (spray), m3/acre (slurry) applied, kg/Ha (seed) sown or T/Ha (yield)
  • Extensive reports for Field/Paddock Lists, Grass Measurement, Action Lists, Fertiliser, Spray, Slurry, Sowing and Harvesting reports
  • Ability to view field history, last application dates, yields etc
  • Downloadable card for each fields applications when you have a Quality Assurance inspection
  • You can use the App on as many devices as you like – phones, tablets or PCs at no extra charge.

Kingswood Fields can operate anywhere on the farm with and without signal

Very little typing is required, as the App comes prefilled with names and PCS numbers of sprays, fertiliser types and crop varieties.

Reports can be easily printed for management or auditing purposes and the App ensures you are fully compliant with all Quality Assurance requirements. The Field Record Card is particularly useful. It generates a simple Profit Monitor for each field, giving the margin of crop revenue over the cost of the various field activities, such as spraying and fertiliser spreading.

For the dairy and beef farmer, there’s even some basic grass management included. The App takes in grass measurements and generates a simple Feed Wedge. In addition it calculates Spring and Autumn Rotation Planners. For the more advanced grass manager, the App can be used to link up with Kingswood’s sophisticated PC-based grass software.

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