Kingswood Herd for PC

Kingswood Herd is an in-depth, PC-based herd management system for dairy and beef farmers who want to keep their own independent animal database.

Kingswood Herd PC Software is straight forward to use with an intuitive interface and simple menu and navigation system.  APHIS integration makes registration of births and deaths, movements on and off and herd list reconciliation a simple, time saving process!

The Kingswood Herd Management Software is a modular program.  This means you can specify the parts of the program which you require (links to heat detection, in parlour and out of parlour feeding systems).

Primarily used with Dairy herds

The Kingswood Herd program is primarily used with Dairy herds,  particularly when links to milking parlours, heat detection systems and out of parlour feeding systems are needed. This provides the user with a fully integrated system.  The day to day data is recorded in the phone app which updates the Kingswood PC program.  The Kingswood Herd program updates all of the other connected systems.