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Kingswood Ration Calculator Software
Feed your cows to yield
The Kingswood Ration Calculator is explained in the video below. 
 (Watch in full screen HD if your internet speed allows.)
  Kingswood Dairy Cow Ration Calculator 
kingswood ration calculator software


Calculate feed amount on the basis of milk yield from:

  • Milk parlour milk meters
  • Official monthly milk recordings
  • Easy recording of milk yields in the parlour using a Palm PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) enables farmers who do not have electronic identification systems to be able to feed the cows to yield easily. This results in much better utilisation of feed - high yielding cows get fed more and maintain production for longer, while lower yielding cows get fed less, saving on feed costs and preventing the cows from becoming too fat.
  • Directly update feed controller with calculated feeds

Feed to yield is based on a number of parameters:

  • Days in milk
  • Maintenance plus value of other feeds
  • 1st lactation animals can be different rates of feed from older cows
  • Feed cows not in calf different rate from cows which have been pregnancy diagnosed
  • Feed different rates of feed depending on cow group, e.g. cows in condition score group 2, condition score group 3 etc.
  • Maximum and Minimum feeds for groups.
  • Gradually increment feed amount immediately post calving.
  • Control either in parlour feeders, out of parlour feeders or both

Feeding high yielding cows adequate rations to maintain both yield and milk quality increases income from milk production

Feeding lower yielding cows less meal can result in substantially lower feed bills!

Planned post calving feeding can result in improved overall cow fertility and improved herd margins


Practical solutions to everyday problems…

"With the price of feed, it’s important to keep our feed regime up to date on a daily basis. This would not be possible without the Kingswood Ration Calculator – It’s paid for itself a multitude of times over!"

Dairy Ration Calculator Kingswood Herd Software

James Lowe (Dairy Farmer and Pedigree Breeder, Co. Antrim.)

James uses the full Kingswood Herd with the Ration Calculator to manage a Dairy and Pedigree Herd totalling approximately 300 head.


Big Potential Savings with the Kingswood Ration Calculator

"I was astonished that in the first month of using the ration calculator we saved ten tonnes of feed. Having used it for only a year, the savings in feed costs have already paid for the feeders and the program."
Kingswood Dairy ration calculator software
Jim Morrow (Dairy Farmer, Co Down)

Jim and Robin Morrow have a 270 strong dairy herd in County Down.

Read about Jim Morrow's experiences of the ration calculator software here.

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