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Kingswood Milking Parlour Link
Keep your herd management, parlour and heat detection software updated simultaneously
kingswood milking parlour link The Kingswood Herd software can communicate directly with most types of control box used in both in parlour and out of parlour feeding systems and with most parlour software programs to provide a totally integrated system.
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Dairymaster Dairy Software Parlour Link        Gascoigne Dairy Software Parlour Link

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You can send breeding events (calvings, heats, services, P.Ds, drying offs) and purchase/sale events, recorded in Kingswood, to the parlour software with one mouse click. This means you don't have to enter the same information twice in two different software programs.
With the growing popularity of Cow Activity systems, (identifying cows in Heat, sick animals, ruminating time etc), Kingswood can now also link to these types of systems. We are currently compatible with the following providers.
Please check with us before you purchase to make sure your link-up will be successful.

It is also possible to link to 2 systems at the same time, for example, a parlour and a cow activity system.
afimilk heat detection kingswood link engs track a cow kingswood link dairymaster moo monitor heat detection kingswood link delaval delpro heat detection kingswood link
Afimilk ENGS Systems ECO HERD (Track-a-Cow) Dairymaster Moo Monitor DeLaval DelPro
genus abs breeder tag heat detection kingswood link atl technologies feeding kingswood link nedap feeding kingswood link cow manager link kingswood
ABS Breeder Tag ATL Technologies Auto Feeding Nedap Feeding Cow Manager

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