May Newsletter 2024

Posted: 26 June 2024

New App – The Latest 

The app development is progressing quickly and now runs on both Android and iPhone with synchronisation to Select Sheepware on a PC via WIFI connection.  This app has been designed for intensive performance based recording.  For that reason, the primary database is Select Sheepware running on a windows PC.  Select Sheepware is one of the most advanced performance recording systems available for sheep. There are a number of simple phone app systems around, where the emphasis is on enabling a user to keep medicine and administrative records up to date for farm inspections. Select SheepwareAppV2 is not another one of these.

Select Sheepware is designed to enable farmers to identify best and worst performing sheep based on 56 day and 90 day weights of lambs, averaged over a period of up to 6 years for each ewe. The Select Sheepware reports combine on farm performance calculated values with results from both Sheep Ireland and Signet, to provide the user with more comprehensive selection of sheep, using both on farm actual results combined with the results from the genetic recording systems.

Users can use multiple phones, and simultaneously use Agrident readers for on farm recording. The Agrident readers can be used entirely on their own without any link to the phone, or the user can link the reader to the phone and use the reader for EID input to the app on the phone. Some users may think that it’s not practical to use a phone without using an EID reader – it’s not easy to type in 15 digit numbers manually, but Select SheepwareAppV2 allows a user when recording births to enter the last 5 digits of the lambs tag number.  As all lambs born on the farm have the breeders own flock number preceding the last 5 digits, the app inserts the other 10 digits. So it’s actually quite easy to record births without actually having an Eid reader connected.
Phones have their limitations: they can be difficult to read in direct sunlight, are not robust for the on farm environment (wet, muddy conditions for example), expensive to repair if they get dropped or damaged in the yard and limited battery life on most phones where Bluetooth connection to an EID reader remains for an extended period of time. TGM sees the phone as a secondary data recording device rather than the primary – always available in your pocket when you don’t have an EID reader with you.

A major advantage of the phone app is the ability to add a new medicine and medicine purchase on the fly on the phone and then be able to record the use of the medicine. The Agrident reader does not allow you to add a new medicine or a medicine purchase directly on the reader. This must be done in Select Sheepware on the computer and the medicine lists on the reader updated from Select Sheepware.  The intention for the app is to allow a user to enter a new medicine to the phone app, then send that medicine into the reader from the phone app so that the reader may be used for high speed accurate medicine recording with the new medicine available, without having to sync with Select Sheepware to get the new medicine into the reader list.
Those who have previously expressed an interest in testing the app can expect to be contacted within the next 2 to 3 weeks, when the app is expected to be ready for full on farm testing. Thanks to everyone who has offered to test the App – your assistance is greatly appreciated.



We really enjoyed this video from Select Sheepware user David Beattie. We hope everyone had a successful lambing season!