March Newsletter

Posted: 16 March 2022

 AgriData Transfer Software Update for Sheep Ireland Users 

Users can now generate the weighing section of the Sheep Ireland export file. This is ideal for those that want a fast and accurate way to record weights and send them to Sheep Ireland. This software is provided free of charge when you buy an Agrident reader from TGM.

All four Agrident readers are compatible with the Sheep Ireland app running on an android phone. We can configure the Agrident readers to send the eid into the App so the correct animal will be located. Sheep Ireland app users now have the benefit of using an eid reader, directly linked into the app,  at weighing they do not have to enter anything manually to the App.  The AgriDataTransfer program will download the weights from the reader to a PC and format the weights into a Sheep Ireland export file in the correct format for sending to Sheep Ireland to update the flock weighing records. Contact us by email or Tel: 028 92 689681 for more

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