March Newsletter 2024

Posted: 25 June 2024

New Android App, Select Sheepware V2 from TGM – Launching Soon! 

The Android App that users have been waiting for is now reaching final development stage. Testers are required!  For those users who are familiar with using the Agrident readers from TGM, the interface in the App uses a very similar structure.  Users coming from a Psion workabout background who have used the pocket version of Select Sheepware will also recognise the new design. The home screen has been designed to allow users to go straight to event recoding without having to navigate through a menu structure.

The second tab on the home screen allows instant access to all selection lists. These are listed alphabetically to allow the user to quickly select the relevant list, in order to add new items – abortion reasons, batch groups, breeds etc.  When an EID is scanned and sent into the app, the Department tag is automatically calculated.

Select SheepwareV2 app is designed to synchronise with Select Sheepware for windows PC. It is not a standalone app.  The primary analysis of sheep performance is done in Select Sheepware on a PC.  The App is a data collection tool and data lookup tool.  George from TGM expects that the App will be a secondary recording device to the Agrident readers.  Recording directly to an Agrident reader is fast and reliable.  Phones suffer from diminishing battery power when using Bluetooth constantly, they are difficult to read in bright sunlight, not good to use in wet conditions and they can be rather valuable to risk dropping in the muck! However, often when data needs to be recorded about a sheep, the user doesn’t have the reader and it’s for these situations that George sees the App being very useful – take the phone out, record the event and put the phone back in the pocket.  The Agrident readers allow the full range of events to be recorded directly onto the reader, so it’s not necessary to be always using a phone.
Existing users of Select Sheepware are now required to assist in testing the App.  Please email us if you would like to be part of the testing group.  The app will be available for general release in the Google store in about six weeks time.