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Kingswood Herd App - linked to your Kingswood Herd PC Software  

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Available on the Google Play Store
or Apple App Store for
Smartphone/iPhone or Tablet/iPad.
Will also work on your PC's
web browser.

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Have your herds' details with you at all times with the new improved Kingswood Herd App.

You can now record events as they happen in the field, yard, shed, parlour or office.

Data is sent automatically via mobile internet (3/4G) or WiFi to the Kingswood Herd PC program.

Use on as many devices as you like.  Every farm worker can have it on their own device.

The App is integrated with APHIS Online so you can register births, look up an animal's movement history, check it's FQAS status and prepare MC2 Movement notifications.

App user Mark Allen

Note: This App can also be used as a standalone service, not linked to Kingswood Herd PC software - click here for info
Customer Testimonials
John Milliken runs a beef finishing unit outside Newtownards. He has been using the Kingswood Herd Program for many years and was one of the first farmers to use the Kingswood App. John also runs Milliken's farm butchers in Bangor and all beef sold is from the family farm. John said “The App is a real asset to our farm management system. I find the cart really handy for movement permits. There is no defined time limit on the cart so if I make any last minute changes to the animals I’ve selected it is easy to change before they leave the farm. The other feature I find particularly useful is checking the number of movements of an animal, this avoids unnecessary penalties and contributes to the bottom line. Mobile access to the herd eliminates recording using a pen and paper, saving time and reducing the likelihood of errors. The service from Kingswood has been excellent, I was pleased that they responded very quickly to my suggestions for development and have been impressed by the results. The App is proving to be a real benefit to our business.”  
kingswood herd smart phone app 
  “Having the Kingswood App is a real benefit. It lets me add details on the move. This updates the program on my computer automatically, saving a lot of time.” 
Timothy Haffey, Dairy Farmer, Co Armagh
dairy cow smartphone app
  "It’s good to see Kingswood taking advantage of the technologies that are now available. The Smartphone App is a great addition as it allows you to record and look up information when you are working with the herd."
Matthew Workman, Dairy Farmer, Co Londonderry
dairy cow smartphone app
  “We’ve been using the Kingswood herd program for a few years and it’s a great benefit to be able to use it on my phone. I can look up an animal’s data when I’m working with it and I can also add in details on the phone which really speeds up the process.”
Mark Allen, Dairy Farmer, Co Antrim 
dairy cow smartphone app

(Video showing APHIS features - method will be slightly different in the new version of the App)


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