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Which Agrident EID reader is best for me?
The Agrident range of EID readers consists of 2 types, Stick or Pocket, each with 2 variations of specification.

Obviously the stick readers give you better reach to scan EID tags and the Pocket readers have the advantage of being more portable and will fit in a decent sized pocket.

All the readers can:
- Record tags at high speed into groups
- Link to Bluetooth devices such as Printers or Weigh Scales
- Record a full range of management tasks for sheep.
(Add/Re-Tag/Move, Birth/Abort, Alert/Comment, Fostering, Groups, Medicine, Milk Recording, Tupping/Pregnancy Scan, Weight/Muscle)

In addition, the red-trimmed models, AWR300 and APR600, have the ability to store an internal database, so you can look up various information about the animals on the reader itself e.g. Last Birth, Sire, Dam, Last Medicines, Last Weights etc

The yellow-trimmed models, AWR250 and APR250, are more cost effective and don't have the ability to store a database, just a preset ALERT code for each animal e.g. 'Best Ewe', 'Cull Ewe', 'Top Ram', 'Bad Feet', 'Replacement' etc.

Other differences:
- The AWR300 has a 3 colour flashing light on the tip to indicate tags read (Green), duplicate tags (Blue) and waiting to read (Red)
- The AWR300 has a higher capacity battery and will read non-stop for 12 hours in permanent read mode.
- The APR600 has a full alpha numeric keypad for faster data entry
- The 2 red-trimmed models come with a sturdy carry case
- The AWR300 and APR600 are WiFi enabled
- The APR600 has a connection for an extension wand

All the readers are compatible with 2 software options:
1) AWR Link - our free of charge simple management recording software or
2) Select Sheepware - our full flock management database software which is priced according to flock size

       agrident eid reader scanner tgm software awr3000 apr600 awr250 apr250
agrident eid reader scanner tgm software awr3000 apr600 awr250 apr250
Portable Bluetooth Printer

eid tag list printer agrident electronic identification thermal
Tag List Print out sample

       Smart phone holder brackets

eid reader smart phone bracket holder agrident
Printing Tag Lists - for convenience we can supply a pocket sized Bluetooth printer for printing tag lists on the spot.  These require no ink, as they are a Thermal printer, and they use narrow supermarket type paper.  You can specify to print all groups, a specific group or the last group recorded. Ideal for printing out a list of numbers on the spot when you are selling sheep so you can attach the list to the movement document. 65 or 75 + VAT   New for 2020, with the increased popularity of using EID tags in cattle, we have developed a Smart phone holder bracket, which allows you to securely attach any Smart phone using an EID enabled App, such as the Kingswood Herd App, for full management recording of your herd. This means you can use the 2 devices in one hand, leaving the other hand free to hold medicine, open gates, etc.
You can purchase any of the readers from our Online shop, subject to stock, in either Sterling or Euro.

If you have any questions, prior to ordering, please give us a ring on +44 (0) 2892 689 681

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