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Customer Testimonials & Case Studies 
John Milliken (Newtownards, Co Down)
kingswood app herd beef smartphone

“The App is a real asset to our farm management system."
 "I find the cart really handy for movement permits. There is no defined time limit on the cart so if I make any last minute changes to the animals I’ve selected it is easy to change before they leave the farm. The other feature I find particularly useful is checking the number of movements of an animal, this avoids unnecessary penalties and contributes to the bottom line. Mobile access to the herd eliminates recording using a pen and paper, saving time and reducing the likelihood of errors. The service from Kingswood has been excellent, I was pleased that they responded very quickly to my suggestions for development and have been impressed by the results. The App is proving to be a real benefit to our business.”  

John runs a beef finishing unit outside Newtownards. He has been using the Kingswood Herd Program for many years and was one of the first farmers to use the Kingswood App. John also runs Milliken's farm butchers in Bangor and all beef sold is from the family farm.
  Matthew Workman (Dairy Farmer, Co Londonderry)
dairy herd management software

“I have found the Kingswood Herd program easy to use and being able to do registrations on both APHIS and Holstein UK through the program is handy and saves me a lot of time. It looks after all management events as well as our quality assurance records.

“It’s good to see Kingswood taking advantage of the technologies that are now available. The Smartphone App is a great addition as it allows you to record and look up information when you are working with the herd.

We also have the Accounts program which is a valuable part of our farm management system.”

The Workman Family milk 200 pedigree Holsteins in Aghadowey, Northern Ireland. For over ten years they have been using the Kingswood Herd and Accounts Programs.
Timothy Haffey (Dairy Farmer, Co Armagh)
kingswood herd software app cows cattle management

"Having the Kingswood App is a real benefit. It lets me add details on the move." 
"The App gives farmers the opportunity to turn their phone into a farm management tool. It’s a quick and easy way of updating the program and looking up herd details when away from the computer. By using internet cloud facilities, the data is available on any device, for example iPhones, Android phones and tablets."

The Haffey family milk a herd of 220 outside Lurgan, County Armagh. They have been using the Kingswood Herd Program for years and are one of the first in Northern Ireland to use the App.
Kenny Watson, (Dairy Farmer, Co Antrim) 
kingswood dairy herd management software cows

"It is a comprehensive package yet it’s easy to use."
"The ability to register calves with the Department and the Holstein Society through the program is a real advantage as calving details only have to be entered once. We’ve linked the program to our parlour which simplifies the updating of animal records".

Ian and Kenny Watson farm at Macosquin near Coleraine in Northern Ireland. The enterprise includes a pedigree Holstein herd and 40 pedigree Blackface ewes. 120 cows are milked twice a day and the Watsons have installed a fully automated Dairymaster parlour.
Mavis Crawford (Dairy Farmer, Co Tyrone) 
kingswood accounts farm software

“Right from the start I found the Kingswood Accounts program straightforward to use."

"Kingswood Accounts provides reports on unit costs - income per litre, cost per litre, meal costs per litre, overheads per litre, production cost per litre for example. These reports allow management decisions to be made so we can take proactive action to improve profits.”

The Crawford family farms outside Beragh, County Tyrone. With a dairy herd of 250 they use the Kingswood Accounts and Kingswood Herd Programs.
Jim Morrow (Dairy Farmer, Co Down)
kingswood ration calculator dairy 

"Big Potential Savings with the Kingswood Ration Calculator"
"I was astonished that in the first month of using the ration calculator we saved ten tonnes of feed. Having used it for only a year, the savings in feed costs have already paid for the feeders and the program."

Jim and Robin Morrow have a 270 strong dairy herd in County Down. They have been using the Kingswood Herd Program for 10 years and also use the Accounts Program. At the end of 2011 they installed automatic feeders and the Kingswood Ration Calculator.
Mark Allen, (Dairy Farmer, Co Antrim) 
kingswood herd smartphone cattle cows management android

"...a great benefit to be able to use it on my phone..."
“We’ve been using the Kingswood herd program for a few years and it’s a great benefit to be able to use it on my phone. I can look up an animal’s data when I’m working with it and I can also add in details on the phone which really speeds up the process.”

Mark Allen is one of the first farmers in Northern Ireland to use the Smartphone App version of Kingswood Herd.
Robert Thompson (Beef finishing farmer, Co. Down)
cattle beef cow software farm kingswood management 

"...cuts back significantly on paperwork..."
“I’ve been using Kingswood herd software for around 15 years. The program really makes our management system much easier. All of our animals are tagged when they are bought in and entered into the program along with their weight and price. It’s a useful tool for keeping track of things like an animal’s age and for our type of farming using a software program really is essential. I use a PDA so I can look up records and add data when I’m on the farm."

Robert Thompson runs a 600 acre beef finishing farm with his father outside Newry in County Down, Northern Ireland. All stock is bought in and depending on the time of year, the size of the herd ranges from 500 - 1500.
Dessie Rutherford (Dairy Farmer, Co Down)
kingswood herd management 

"Excellent integration with APHIS Online"
"I find the full integration between Kingswood Herd software and APHIS Online for registering births and deaths very handy. After entering some births to my Kingswood Herd program, which completes my own Kingswood Herd book for me, I only have to click one button to send all the calves' information straight to APHIS Online. I also send my activities list for milk recording straight to United, so the one entry in Kingswood has done the lot! In fact, using my Palm PDA, I don't even have to type the details into the computer - they transfer straight in from the PDA."

The Rutherfords farm outside Saintfield and use the Kingswood Herd, Fields and Accounts Software.
William Crawford (Dairy Farmer and Pedigree Breeder, Co. Fermanagh)
William Crawford Picture

"1st class support…"
"Kingswood Herd Software is designed to meet the needs of Dairy Farmers and Pedigree Breeders. It’s very user friendly and constantly updated to meet any new requirements. More importantly, TGM provide an excellent support service, with friendly team of qualified staff."

William manages a 120 head dairy herd and is a prize winning Pedigree Breeder who uses the Kingswood Herd PC program (with Pedigree and Ration Calculator modules). He also uses Kingwood Accounts to keep his financial records.
James Lowe (Dairy Farmer and Pedigree Breeder, Co. Antrim.) 
James Lowe Picture

"Practical solutions to everyday problems…"
With the price of feed, it’s important to keep our feed regime up to date on a daily basis. This would not be possible without the Kingswood Ration Calculator – It’s paid for itself a multitude of times over!"

James uses the full Kingswood Herd with the Ration Calculator to manage a Dairy and Pedigree Herd totalling approximately 300 head.
Reggie Lilburn (Dairy Farmer, Co. Down.) 
Reggie Lilburn Picture

"Help is always on hand…"
"I have been using the Kingswood Herd program for many years now and I find that having someone local is invaluable for our system. Anytime you need help its always on hand."

Reggie and his father Beattie manage a 200 strong dairy herd and use the Kingswood Herd PC program and Kingswood PDA program, linked to an electronic milking parlour.
James Brown (Dairy Farmer, Co. Down.) 
James Brown Picture

"Stay one step ahead of legislation…"
"The fields program gives me the opportunity to have soil tests, cropping and fertiliser information stored in the one place, to enable me to comply with the nitrates directive and any future derogation I might require."

James uses both the Kingswood Herd and Accounts software to manage a Dairy enterprise of approx. 150 cows.
Oliver Magill (Dairy Farmer, Co. Down.) 
Oliver Magill Picture Coming Soon

"Management on the move and record keeping on the run…"
"A close eye on fertility is essential as my herd is almost exclusively bred through AI. I use a PDA (equipped with the Kingswood herd program). It’s mobility allows me to record breeding events as they occur. The action lists are a valuable feature of it, identifying cows due for calving, service, pd or dry off".

Oliver manages a 70 cow dairy herd and uses the Kingswood Herd PC software with fertility management modules and the Kingswood Herd PDA program.

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