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Kingswood Herd, Fields & Accounts PC and PDA Software & EID Hardware - United Kingdom

VAT at 20% will be added at the end of checkout for customers within Europe.
The legacy PC SOFTWARE is still available for users
who do not want to sign up to the modern cloud based system.
The Cloud system allows users to access their data from any device which has internet connection.
Dedicated apps maybe downloaded for both Android and iPhone
Please contact TGM if you wish to purchase the PC version of Kingswood Herd Software
The PC version is often used when a link to legacy milking parlour or feeding system is required.
Kingswood Herd PC Software
-standard Cow Recording version includes:
  • Herd Register
  • APHIS Movements
  • Quality Assurance
  • Cow Recording (Heat, Service, P.D, Dry Off, Calving)
Cow Recording Option 450 
Optional Extras:
  • Advanced Dairy (Extra fertility analysis)
  • Milk Recording (Load your United/NMR milk recording disk)
  • Pedigree (HFS calf Registration, animal ancestries)
  • Ration Calculator (Feed cows to yield)
  • Parlour Link (Link to your parlour / heat detection software)


Advanced Dairy Option 100        

Milk Recording Option 150          

Pedigree Option 150                  

Ration Calculator Option 450      

Parlour Link Option 300              

Kingswood Accounts PC Software


* NEW CUSTOMERS - When you complete the PayPal Checkout, click on the link below to send us your enterprise details so we can do the initial setup for your system.

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VAT Only Version 249   


Standard Version 435   

Optional Extras
Enterprise Analysis 110  

Invoicer/Job Cards 200  

Standard Version Subscription

Enterprise Version Subscription 30/month

Kingswood Herd App linked to the legacy PC software
150 plus VAT


Kingswood Contractor/Job Card App
200 plus VAT
includes 2 users. Each additional user 50


Kingswood Mobile Apps for cattle and fields
Kingswood Herd Mobile App
1 per animal per year subject to the minimum and maximum below
 Minimum 99 per year, maximum 190 per year plus VAT

One of setup fee of 50
(Free setup for UFU Members)

from 99.00 per year
Herd Size

Setup Fee

Kingswood Fields Mobile App
99 per year plus VAT

99.00 per year
Agrident AWR300 Bluetooth EID Wand/Stick Reader

(Printer shown is optional, add as another item below)
737.00 plus VAT
awr300 eid wand sheep printer 
Agrident AWR250 Bluetooth EID Wand/Stick Reader

(Printer shown is optional, add as another item below)
479.00 plus VAT
agrident awr250 wand eid reader 
Carry Case for AWR300/AWR250
74.00 plus VAT
agrident awr300 awr250 case 
Agrident APR600 Bluetooth Handheld EID Reader
(includes carry case)

 (Printer shown is optional, add as another item below)

573.00 plus VAT
agrident apr600 eid tag readerportable bluetooth thermal printer
Agrident APR250 Bluetooth Handheld EID Reader

 (Printer shown is optional, add as another item below)

375.00 plus VAT
agrident apr250 eid readerportable bluetooth thermal printer
Carry Case for APR250
17.00 plus VAT
agrident apr600 apr250 case 
Portable Thermal Bluetooth Printer
65.00 plus VAT

portable bluetooth thermal printer  
Phone Holder Bracket for Agrident Stick readers


45.00 plus VAT
agrident tgm phone bracket 
Phone Holder Bracket for Agrident Pocket readers


45.00 plus VAT
agrident tgm pocket phone bracket 
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