April Newsletter 2024

Posted: 26 June 2024

EID Readers & Recording in Action 

Meet Lucy Tottenham 

Lucy Tottenham runs an organic sheep farm in Co. Wicklow, Ireland where she has a flock of 460 outdoor lambing EasyCare ewes. Lucy is a member of Sheep Ireland and has been recording with them since 2021. There are many records to keep and much information to gather.

Organic farming requires extra records to be kept.  In organic systems, farmers have to record not only the medicine used, but the extended withdrawal period and the active ingredients of the medicine each time it is administered. Select Sheepware was updated recently to manage the additional recording requirements for organic farms and this is one of the reasons why Lucy finds it so useful.

An Agrident 600 reader is used on the farm.  This records births, weights, retags, fostering, medicines administered, etc.

The data transfers from the Agrident 600 reader to TGM’s Select Sheepware which  has been set up on Lucy’s computer. In Select Sheepware, Lucy clicks to create a Sheep Ireland export file.  This gets sent to Sheep Ireland and the Sheep Ireland system imports all the recorded data. The use of the reader means there are no errors reading tags, collecting weights etc. The reader is robust and very suitable for working with outdoors.

Data gathered is helping Lucy to select her top EasyCare ewes and ewe lambs to keep for breeding and is also helping to identify individual animals for culling.

Sheep Ireland LambPlus recording is made much easier with the Agrident 600 reader.  Lamb  birth weights and 40, 100 and 150 day weights are collected and sent to Sheep Ireland who then collate the information to give the animals a star rating.

TGM software’s Select Sheepware is making it possible for Lucy to improve her EasyCare sheep flock with ease and efficiency.